Why do we need waste management software?

waste management software

For a greener world and combating climate change, waste management is one of the most important services to consider. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a homemaker, waste management methods can contribute to a better future. Waste management software helps you stay current by monitoring when and how much waste is thrown away. You can also use these tools to deal with issues like recycling.

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Local Products in Morocco


People have a growing tendency to use fresh, natural or homemade local products in order to avoid any food products that contain chemical dyes or additives. This new tendency comes from the fact that consumers want to enjoy a kind of food safety and keep a healthy state as well as a mental and social well-being. For this reason, local cuisine, or more generally, using local products has been more popular during the last recent years. So what can we say about Moroccan Gastronomy and what are the main local products in Morocco?

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An accountant to manage your investments

Contrary to popular belief, an accounting firm does not only count companies, large or small, among their clients. It is also aimed at people who need help in managing their finances and investments.

Why invest your income?

It’s a fact! Leaving your money in the bank is not the best way to keep it safe. Of course, in the event of burglary or fire, insurance gives you back your money, but what about tax? Even asleep on your account, your income will be localizable by the Belgian authorities. The more they increase, the more your social contributions will be important. Hence the importance of investing. By choosing wisely the type of investment you make, you could benefit from a substantial tax reduction. This is particularly the case in stone, life insurance or savings accounts.

Investments also make your income more profitable. If you are lucky and know how to choose the best investments, your income can go back to five times or more. It can be blocked funds, as often in real estate investments, or directly available as in trading. It is a big trend in Belgium today in terms of investment, given its ease and the returns it can offer.

In any case, investors are often people who are more forward looking. The main objective is to guarantee a better financial future for the household.

The role of an accountant in the process

Whatever the case may be, supporting your financial investments is important to ensure success and to facilitate the process. An accountant Saint-Gilles is your best ally.

The accountant helps you choose the best investment based on your investor profile: the available capital, the maximum duration of the desired investment, income blocked or not, etc. It will also take into account your old investments. The goal is to diversify your wealth as it should and maximize your chances of winning.

The accountant will also help you set up a good financing strategy. He accompanies you as well with banks, microfinance companies, organizations of all kinds, etc. Not only will it count the best alternatives of the market, but it will also accompany you with every step, in particular to ensure you take advantage of the best offer of the market.

And of course, it is an undeniable ally for the management of all your investments. He can also take the place of a real estate fund manager who manages the apartments for rent. It will aim to facilitate the administration of your property and the management of requests from tenants and the maintenance of the premises. But be careful, in this case, you will have to arrange for the search of the tenants personally. The real estate accountant does not take on the roles of a professional property manager.

Finally, the accountant will help you in the tax declaration of your income, taking into account the possible defiscalisation of which you can benefit.

What is the best way to get around Nice and its surroundings?

When you have to go to Nice or the nearby locations, flying is the quickest and most comfortable way to travel. Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is the second most important airport in France and the main one on the French Riviera. It is close to the city centre (it is only 6 km away, at the eastern end of the Promenade des Anglais), which makes it very convenient. After completing customs and immigration formalities and picking-up your luggage, you can head to downtown, choosing between all the local means of transport available.

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Indigenous peoples of Latin America: more recognized, still marginalized

indigenous peoples Latin America

New World Bank report reveals progress and challenges for the Latin America’s 42 million people.

They are the first inhabitants of the American continent, speak 560 languages and have varied and very rich customs: they are the 42 million indigenous people of Latin America.

However, despite the fact that 70 million Latin Americans emerged from poverty in the last two decades, the continent’s first settlers were left out of the bonanza and, today, almost half of them are poor, according to the World Bank’s new report Indigenous Latin America in the 21st Century.

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The mythological origin of South America’s largest lake

Lake Maracaibo Venezuela

Human beings are curious by nature. And this inquiring spirit has led him throughout his history to forge a wealth of legends and myths that, according to his culture, explain the origin of the universe, the natural phenomena or the elements of the landscape in which it developed. Greek and Roman mythology are well known. And also the Scandinavian one has a certain presence in the collective imagination.

But evidently they are not the only ones and each culture or ethnic group sought its own explanations, more or less complex, to the reality in which it lived.

The indigenous peoples of pre-Columbian Venezuela were no exception, and there are hundreds of myths that have been passed down from generation to generation in each of the indigenous ethnic groups.

Lake Maracaibo, in western Venezuela, is a miracle of nature. With a north-south length of 155 km and a width of 120 km, it is the largest lake in South America. A large part of the waters of the Venezuelan Andes flow into it. Moreover, it is now the country’s main source of income, as it is the source of real oil “rivers”. The original inhabitants of the area are the Indians of the Arawak group, and from them emanates the following legend about the origin of the lake:


The origin of Lake Maracaibo


It is said that when the Great Zapara ruled the region, a huge jungle occupied the space that today covers the waters. And Zapara ordered to build the villages on the edge of the jungle, which, in turn, was reserved for himself. The Great Zapara, who enjoyed supernatural powers, erected a palace in the center of the jungle using only the sound of his voice and settled down to live there with his daughter Maruma, a beautiful and funny poet and singer, whom his father did not allow to marry because he reserved it to delight himself with his songs and poetry.

But one day he had to leave for a trip to the sea. Meanwhile, her daughter, Maruma, set out into the jungle, armed with bows and arrows, in search of game. In one of these raids, she discovered a deer that had just been shot down by an arrow from another person and then discovered her pitcher, a handsome young man, whom she blamed for disobeying his father for going into the sacred forest.

The boy, named Tamare, justified himself. He was a poet and had been expelled from his village for “being useless”. At once, he said, he would leave the forest. But she, knowing that he was a poet, insisted on inviting him to her palace. There they went and after a banquet on account of the hunting achieved, they gave themselves to songs, verses and kisses for long hours. Time passed quickly without them noticing.


The tragedy


Zapara returned, and approaching the palace, he began to listen to those verses, where the voice of a man intermingled with that of his daughter. Filled with pain, he suddenly went into a rage, kicked so hard on the ground that the entire forest began to sink, and the mighty rivers of the surrounding mountain ranges began to plunge into the abyss. With his powerful hands Zapara opened the land to the north so that the sea would also turn over in the great basin and, not wanting to survive the catastrophe, he handed over the kingdom to his son Maracaibo and threw himself into the sea, becoming an island, which today bears his name.

For their part, Maruma and Tamare, unaware of anything and oblivious to everything, continued to improvise verses of passionate love, while the water already invaded the palace and entered their room.

The water eventually covered them and brought the waves of their last song to the surface. The songs of the two lovers merged with the waters and from that day on, the lake does not cry out like the sea, nor laugh like other lakes, but whispers poetry or sings stanzas of infinite love.


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