Royal icing and egg white powder


Royal icing is one of the famous cake decoration that many cake designers uses to make their creation more aesthetics and more delicious. Making simple royal icing with egg white powder is a good alternative to fresh eggs as this first is easier to find but also to use within the recipe. Hereafter some information to help you understand how to make royal icing with egg white powder.

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The Best Sahara Desert Trips in Morocco


When you visit Morocco for the first time, you will absolutely love the modest lifestyle of the locals, especially in the old Medinas of the famous imperial cities and over the small Berber villages that you may visit during your tours or excursions.

However, the warm atmosphere of Sahara Desert is completely different, an adventure that you should experience at least once in a lifetime.

The beautiful sand dunes of the Sahara and the breathtaking wild landscapes, will give you the impression that you were able to travel back in time for several centuries, especially when you meet the nomads with their camels and when you explore for the first time the desert camps, made up of luxury Berber tents, in the middle of nowhere!

You will undoubtedly love being in the middle of this quite and relaxing heaven, surrounded by large sand dunes from every where and having a strange feeling of being alone in this world…

If you are planning to organise your next vacation in Morocco with family or fiends, you need to devote a few days from your holidays to discover the wonders of Morocco’s Sahara Desert.

Before preparing your trip to the desert, here is the two most popular Erg dunes that you should include in the program of your Sahara desert tour:

Merzouga Dunes: Erg Chebbi

This is the most popular Erg in Morocco, visited by travellers coming from several destinations, mainly from Marrakech or Fez,in low-cost small group tours… Erg Chebbi is a Must if you want to explore the fascination of the Sahara Desert in only 3 or 4-days tour.

Erg Chebbi or Merzouga Dunes is located few minutes’ drive from Rissani and Erfoud, the first and the most frequented Sahara destination in Morocco, where travellers enjoy a short desert experience in a very friendly atmosphere.

Usually when you travel to Merzouga for the first time, you will be invited to join a very pleasant camel ride over the dunes at the sunset.

After taking a break in your tent, you will have an outstanding dinning experience under the open starry sky of the desert, and If you are lucky enough, you may join the camp fire party organised by the local nomads to make your evening more exceptional.

You will spend a quite and relaxing night under your private nomad tent, for once, far away from the hustle and the bustle of big cities.

In the morning, you will participate to a short trekking with your tour guide to see one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.

Erg Chigaga Dunes in Morocco

Located in the south East of Morocco, at few minutes from M’Hamid el Ghizlane and Morocco-Algeria border, Erg Chigaga is almost the largest sea dunes in Morocco, even if it remains the second most popular Sahara destination after Merzouga.

This Morocco’s largest golden sand sea is snaking along more than 35 km with a peak at 300m, bordered to the north and south mountain ridges.

Considered as one of the most authentic Sahara Ergs, thanks to its preserved sand dunes and wild landscapes, Erg Chegaga can be reached only by a private 4wd desert trip, because the road between Erg Chigaga and M’hamidel Ghizlaneis not accessible by bus. 

This desert tour will offer you a real immersion in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara, where you can escape the stress and the noise of the city to have some relaxing moments alone in the desert.

If you decide to join this exiting adventure from Marrakech, you will have the chance to visit the famous Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou on the first day of your desert trip, where hundreds of famous cinema movies have been shot, like Babel, Gladiator and the Mummy.

You will spend your first night in the splendid Zagora, where the real desert landscapes start to appear gradually… Zagora is also known as the main gate of the desert.

During this incredibly amazing desert trip, you will travel through eye-catching desert landscapes, earthen citadels, very modest small Berber villages, palm groves and green desert oases.

Once you get there, you will live a true desert experience with camel ride treks, snowboarding, dinner around the camp fire, and you will watch the stunning sunrise and sunset over the dunes.

It is always said that water purifies the body, but the desert purifies the mind, so don’t miss this great experience during your next stay in Morocco.

Why do we need waste management software?

waste management software

For a greener world and combating climate change, waste management is one of the most important services to consider. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a homemaker, waste management methods can contribute to a better future. Waste management software helps you stay current by monitoring when and how much waste is thrown away. You can also use these tools to deal with issues like recycling.

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Local Products in Morocco


People have a growing tendency to use fresh, natural or homemade local products in order to avoid any food products that contain chemical dyes or additives. This new tendency comes from the fact that consumers want to enjoy a kind of food safety and keep a healthy state as well as a mental and social well-being. For this reason, local cuisine, or more generally, using local products has been more popular during the last recent years. So what can we say about Moroccan Gastronomy and what are the main local products in Morocco?

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An accountant to manage your investments

Contrary to popular belief, an accounting firm does not only count companies, large or small, among their clients. It is also aimed at people who need help in managing their finances and investments.

Why invest your income?

It’s a fact! Leaving your money in the bank is not the best way to keep it safe. Of course, in the event of burglary or fire, insurance gives you back your money, but what about tax? Even asleep on your account, your income will be localizable by the Belgian authorities. The more they increase, the more your social contributions will be important. Hence the importance of investing. By choosing wisely the type of investment you make, you could benefit from a substantial tax reduction. This is particularly the case in stone, life insurance or savings accounts.

Investments also make your income more profitable. If you are lucky and know how to choose the best investments, your income can go back to five times or more. It can be blocked funds, as often in real estate investments, or directly available as in trading. It is a big trend in Belgium today in terms of investment, given its ease and the returns it can offer.

In any case, investors are often people who are more forward looking. The main objective is to guarantee a better financial future for the household.

The role of an accountant in the process

Whatever the case may be, supporting your financial investments is important to ensure success and to facilitate the process. An accountant Saint-Gilles is your best ally.

The accountant helps you choose the best investment based on your investor profile: the available capital, the maximum duration of the desired investment, income blocked or not, etc. It will also take into account your old investments. The goal is to diversify your wealth as it should and maximize your chances of winning.

The accountant will also help you set up a good financing strategy. He accompanies you as well with banks, microfinance companies, organizations of all kinds, etc. Not only will it count the best alternatives of the market, but it will also accompany you with every step, in particular to ensure you take advantage of the best offer of the market.

And of course, it is an undeniable ally for the management of all your investments. He can also take the place of a real estate fund manager who manages the apartments for rent. It will aim to facilitate the administration of your property and the management of requests from tenants and the maintenance of the premises. But be careful, in this case, you will have to arrange for the search of the tenants personally. The real estate accountant does not take on the roles of a professional property manager.

Finally, the accountant will help you in the tax declaration of your income, taking into account the possible defiscalisation of which you can benefit.

What is the best way to get around Nice and its surroundings?

When you have to go to Nice or the nearby locations, flying is the quickest and most comfortable way to travel. Nice Cote d’Azur Airport is the second most important airport in France and the main one on the French Riviera. It is close to the city centre (it is only 6 km away, at the eastern end of the Promenade des Anglais), which makes it very convenient. After completing customs and immigration formalities and picking-up your luggage, you can head to downtown, choosing between all the local means of transport available.

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Indigenous peoples of Latin America: more recognized, still marginalized

indigenous peoples Latin America

New World Bank report reveals progress and challenges for the Latin America’s 42 million people.

They are the first inhabitants of the American continent, speak 560 languages and have varied and very rich customs: they are the 42 million indigenous people of Latin America.

However, despite the fact that 70 million Latin Americans emerged from poverty in the last two decades, the continent’s first settlers were left out of the bonanza and, today, almost half of them are poor, according to the World Bank’s new report Indigenous Latin America in the 21st Century.

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